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Q U   I    N  D A

To avoid = to make yourself feel better, not facing what is actually demanding your attention. Ignorant behaviour. 

Therefore, avoiding the action of avoiding is an act of honesty. The capability of facing reality and reflect on oneself. Reflecting, analysing in order to make changes. To learn, to fail, to be open to new knowledge and taking different perspectives. 

As metaphorical element in my work, I use mirrors. The mirrors create a silent whisper of realisation. In essence it demands to reflect on oneself. The possibility arrises to actually transform within the installation. You as visitor, as participant and even the performer. You are the act, the act might occur difficult and can even be painful. It’s hard to undergo transformation. It requires discipline and perseverance.

Curious to the impact humans have on their environment. And how environments influences the individual human. Creating platform for reflection, to change.